100% Phthalate Free PVC 


First Dart started fly line manufacturing in the 90s. Fast forward till today, we are one of the largest fly line factories in the world with a monthly production capacity of more than 50,000 fly lines.

We designed our own machineries with the help of the best engineers in this field. Our fly line formulas are constantly reviewed and improved upon by our R&D team based on the feedbacks from seasoned fly anglers. Our current fly line coating formulation DOES NOT contain ANY phthalate-based plasticizers, WHETHER OR NOT stated on California’s Proposition 65 chemical list or regulated by REACH.

Whenever you are looking for the best value fly lines to complement your fly fishing combo or high performance fly lines that get approval from the most demanding fly fishing guides, we have them all for you at the most competitive price points. 

Sandy Ogata First Dart Fly Line Factory Manufacture OEM High Performance Fly Line