Tapered Lines

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Tapered LinesSurf Casting Tapered Lines.

Typically with an overall length of 200m or more these lines have a graduated taper from the running line diameter up to a 10-15m level portion of significantly thicker diameter at one end to cope with the stresses of long casts



Double Tapered LeadersTapered Line

Especially developed for the European Carp market we offer lines with shock leader built in at each end. This allows angler to reserve the line when one leader is used up offering great value for money. The Double Shock Carp line features a 30lb shock/rubbing leader at each end and 12lb knot strength main line for distance casting along with our unique abrasion resistance formula.




Tapered Shock Leaders

Similar to the above but not having the running line built in. These allow the leader to be attached to the main line with a much smaller knot than would be normal with a traditional leader. The smaller knot travels smoother through the guides and catches less weed.



Double Tapered Leaders

Used to create tapered hook lengths and tapered tippets to prevent tangling and improve bait presentation. The leader can be cut in where required to provide a hook leader that tapers down to the hook for the necessary finesse but retains a stiffer, tangle free section nearer the end tackle.Available in lengths and diameters to suit your application and market.


In addition to the length and variation of tapers we are also able to colour code lines by dying them different colours along their length. Please inform us of your requirements.