Platinum Braid


FirstDart is proud to introduce a range of braided main lines aimed at the discerning angler who wants a super sensitive, almost zero stretch line, that will give him superb handling and catsing abilities, great hook sets and transmission and an enhanced fishing performance experience.

In addition we can supply braids that have alternative properties by altering the braiding settings, blending other fibres with the UHMWPE, adding coatings or treatments to the products or other changes at your request.

All these lines can be spooled to the appropriate length to suit your market and labelled as part of your OEM program, or can be purchase under the Platinum brand name.





Many technical obstacles exist to producing braided lines in fine diameters that are round, smooth and reliable. Helix HCB line, has solved these issues and we can now offer a PE line starting from 0.08mm diameter with a smooth finish that handles like a mono line. using our Homogeneous Compound Bonding process, we maintain the low stretch and sensitivity of a braid in this new line.

Available in black, green and f.yellow. Other colors on request.






ANCHRON Sinking Super Braid

Using a patented manufacturing process that combines UHMWPE, aerospace alloys and fluorocarbon, we have created a superb sinking braid. The super ultra fine fibres are combined with the alloys to create a braid with a specific gravity of 1.4. The braid maintains high sensitivity, low stretch and superb handling.

Available in black, fluo yellow and moss green. Other colors on request.





SMOOTHEX PLUS Super Casting Braid

An improved version of our popular Smoothex braid. Made from super high strength PE fibers using a special construction method and finished in a unique fluorocarbon resin. This super smooth coated braid casts like a dream. knots well and is incredibly sensitive making it a pleasure to use. Superb abrasion and wear resistance, waterproof and teh almost zero stretch you expect from braids.

Available in black, fluo yellow, gray and moss green. Other colors on request.




PUREX 100% PE Braid

Our 100% pure PE braid, nothing added nothing take away. Smooth, round profile for great performance. Ultraviolet resistance for long life without losing strength. Waterproof, etremely ow stretch for high sensitivity.

Avaliable in grey, fluo yellow, moss green and our unique five color metered line. Other colors on request.





POWEREX Performance Braid

Made from a combination of UHMWPE fibres blended with other fibres to produce an all-round top performer. Slightly heavier than water, this braid is ideal for static line fisherman who do not want the line to float. Still maintains great sensitivity, smooth handling and long life.

Available in dark grey, fluo yellow and dark green. Other colors on request.




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