FD Monofilament Line Series


FD4000 Multiplex is a multi polymer nylon which combine PA6, PA66 and PA12 polymers in a single high tech product. The unique blend of polymers gives the product better tensile strength than conventional copolymer lines allowing the sport fisherman to fish with stronger lines without having to increase the diameter and lose presentation

In addition the low diameter and high strength properties of the line give the angler greater sensitivity and feel. These features make this line ideal for those requiring a specialised performance in extreme circumstances.




FD3000 Superior is a premium copolymer line made from special blend of PA6 and PA12 polymers to give a very high breaking strain with minimum stretch. It has excellent transparency, suppleness and abrasion resistance to make it the perfect choice for professional anglers.

The special copolymer blend has been developed and refined over the years to offer a consistent product with good knot strength, high impact strength and excellent handling. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater where a very high level of consistency and performance are required FD3000 is one of our most versatile lines that is used worldwide in many different situations.




Our super reliable copolymer line is made from a blend of PA6 and PA66 polymers to give a high breaking strain with excellent knot strength. The copolymer blend gives it a superb combination of suppleness, strength and reliability making it one of our most versatile lines. Its superb value offering for a copolymer product this line has become a clear favourite with many of our customers.

This line is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater, where a high level of consistency and reliability are required. FD2000 Premium is our best selling mono line in the value for money sector.




Our entry level monofilament line. We use a high integrity PA6 nylon polymer specially selected to ensure good transparency in clear and tint colours and excellent dye performance in coloured lines. The FD1000 Classic has been used and abused in many different markets over the years and has always shown itself to be an incredibly reliable product.

This line is equally at home in freshwater or saltwater and is the first choice when price and reliability are the main issues. Although it is possible to make cheaper lines it is not possible to make them this reliable!


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