Nylon & Fluorocarbon Tippet Material


Using our advanced nylon copolymer formulations coupled with high precision extrusion we are able to produce first class tippet material with excellent consistency and performance.




Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

For those occasions where a faster sinking and practically invisible tippet material is required our fluorocarbon tippet material fits the bill.


Nylon Tippet Material

Our nylon copolymer tippet material is available in either clear for top water applications or in translucent olive green for submerged applications. Typically sold on 50m spools our standard sizes range from 0X to 7X. Other colours, sizes and lengths are available to suit your needs.


Hollow Tippet Material

At the other end of the density scale from our fluorocarbon tippet material is our hollow floating nylon tippet material. Extruded with a hollow core it makes this nylon less dense than water allowing it to float naturally without grease or other assistance. Sizes from 7X through to 20lb