Fluorocarbon lines


Unlike our other monofilaments this one is extruded from Polyvinylidene Fluoride.  PVDF is a highly non-reactive and pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer. Its higher density than nylon causes it to sink faster and its refractive index is much closer to water than nylon giving it almost invisible properties in water. Additionally PVDF lines do not absorb water in the way that nylon lines do during prolonged submersion.

For applications where a clear, almost invisible line are required, or where a more dense, faster sinking are required then PVDF lines are one to consider especially for leaders in both saltwater and freshwater.

Available, like all our lines, in a range of diameters and different packaging options a PVDF line in your range can offer an additional dimension to your offering.





This product offers additional suppleness and soft handling, making it great for tippet and fine leader applications where delicate presentation is key. It features great clarity as you would expect from fluorocarbon lines and is easy to knot whilst retaining great knot strength. Its combination of suppleness, clarity and strength make it specially suitable for game and fly fishing applications.






This is our regular and best selling fluorocarbon line and offers an all round combination of knot strength, elongation, clarity and tensile strength to suit most fishing applications. It offers great value for money whilst still being 100% pvdf monofilament.





This fluorocarbon has been selected for its hard outer surface and stiffness. These properties make it superb for saltwater leaders and also stiff rigs for carp anglers. The additional abrasion resistance offered by this product sets it apart from other fluorocarbons where durability is required.




FLUOROSILK – Ultra soft line with Special Fluorocarbon Coating

Another property of fluoropolymers like pvdf is that they share the properties of fluorocarbons and this gives them a non-stick and friction reducing properties. In fact, PTFE was the first fluoropolymer, discovered in 1938, more commonly known as Teflon by DuPont and is widely recognized for its non-stick properties.

By coating normal nylon with a fluorocarbon outer we are able to harness the friction reducing properties of the fluoropolymer whilst retaining the integrity and overall performance of the nylon core. Thsi produces a line with a lower surface friction than normal nylon allowing for longer smooth casts.

If yor application calls for a line with exceptionally smooth handling, low memory and long casting then consider fluorosilk.