Our Vision


Our short term vision is to become a leading OEM supplier of fishing lines.

In the long term, we see ourselves as an established and recognized brand name in the sports fishing industry.


Where are we now?


We believe we are on the right track and close to achieving our short and medium term vision which will be critical in achieving our long term plans of becoming a brand name.

We are currently building our capabilities to become a trusted supplier of one of the most comprehensive sports fishing line ranges in the industry thank to a strong technical knowledge, in house equipment development and capable engineers in diversified technologies and materials relevant to the industry.

This is how, from being just a manufacturer of nylon monofilament lines a few years ago, FirstDart was able to develop tapered lines, fly lines, and now braided lines.

This wide range has strategically positioned FirstDart as a comprehensive OEM supplier in the medium quality segment. We are currently supplying to a number of renowned companies in each of the line segments (nylon, fly fishing, braids, carp fishing, cast nets, etc) and the list is growing.

As a comprehensive range alone is not enough, we are working on building trust and confidence. With the support of a professional management team , we have incorporated best practices in terms of management, customer service and quality standards in synergy with our capable multicultural team.